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Without marketing, even the best products and services fail!
Wrong strategy?? Marketing fails!
We’ll get your $H!^ together and together we win!
About variousventures

How Can We Help?
Invest, Advise, Assist

Various Ventures is led by Kevin Lee. Together with a team of investors, consultants and advisors we:

  • Invest in startups (typically angel)
  • Advise startups and companies requiring digital transformation or marketing (sometimes free, sometimes for advisory shares)
  • Develop and execute marketing and business strategies as an extension of an internal team.

How can we help you?

Looking For Investors??

It’s best if you know one of Kevin Lee’s LinkedIn contacts.

Cold pitches are rarely read! Sorry, time is our most valuable asset, more than cash!

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Our Portfolio

These are investments by Kevin Lee, CEO of Various Ventures.

Investments are selected based on our ability to accelerate scale and assure success!

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Target Profitable Segments

Across thousands of clients, the Various Ventures team knows not all customers are created equal. The companies that win know how to target their best customers.

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Branding Through Direct REsponse

Budgets need to be allocated efficiently maximizing the overall profit, NOT just short term ROI/ROAS.

Data-driven marketing wins, but creative matters more than ever.

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Decades of digital business expertise, billions of revenue created.

Been there. Done that. Still doing it and loving every minute!

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